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               Coping                              Diamond Brite and Pavers              This pool has a 2ft wall around deck                       Finished                                                Finished

                  Before                                     Excavation                          Gravel, Framing, Rebar, and Plumbing                     Concrete                                                     Tile

     Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand and water, applied through a pressure hose producing a dense hard layer of concrete. Gunite pools are highly durable and is created into just about any shape; it is also known as Shot Crete or concrete.

     Gibbs Pools has built hundreds of gunite pools. We are highly trained and licensed to do every step of the build with high quality work and a fast build time.

     You can create almost any shape and size you desire. The gunite is only the beginning, this creates the shell of the pool. Then with beautiful tile, surface and deck of your choosing we will make your dream come to life.

    Do you want the best money will buy pool with very low maintenance that will last a lifetime? Then Gunite is the way to go. A Gunite pool with a Diamond Brite surface and a Hayward Salt System is as low maintenance you can get. Diamond Brite is not as porous as the regular marcite, which helps keep the algae away. You never paint Diamond Brite and you will never be replacing a liner in a Gunite Pool. If installed properly and proper care a surface can last 25+ years before you would need to water polish the surface which will remove any stains and smooth any rough areas.

Building Gunite Pools