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     A spray on product that is applied to a existing concrete slab and provides a non-slip surface. A sealer is added and the result is a colored textured surface, that is firmly bonded with the slab below.


     Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned with a rubber stamp while still wet to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, and various other patterns.

     Textured is the least expensive of the decorative concrete options. It also provides a non-slip surface.

Stamped and Textured Concrete

     Brick Pavers are blocks made of brick, slate and clay, which are kiln-fired and manufactured in molds. They are very durable as well as beautiful. There are many different shapes, colors and sizes to choose from.

​Also see the Belgard page on this site.



Brick Pavers

      Travertine is a natural stone formed in hot springs and limestone caves. Some popular colors are ivory, beige, and walnut.

      This is a top of the line product but very well worth the money, although it is more affordable now than it used to be. Travertine stones do not absorb the heat of the summer like concrete. Therefor, they are a average of 72 degrees.