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Below is a list of the most common Diamond Brite colors.

A few of the most popular are Blue Quartz, Blue, Cool Blue, Super Blue and French Grey.

For a full list of colors and choices click the link below

    Gibbs Pools is a certified applicator of Diamond Brite. We have had factory training on every aspect of the product including installation.

    You can rest assured that the highest quality materials have been used and our products are supported by the best warranty program in the industry.

Diamond Brite combines natural quartz aggregate, polymer-modified cement and non-fading Diamond Quartz in a stunning variety of colors. The result is a unique finish that stands up to the harshest pool environments while providing years of enjoyment.

    Diamond Brite  was developed with the ease of maintenance as a top priority. The quartz used will resist stain and etching caused by harsh pool chemicals. And unlike other pool finishes Diamond Brite pools can be drained and acid washed without causing  any damage.

    You'll have an added sense of security knowing that your pool comfortable and slip resistant, SGM selects quartz aggregates that are smaller than pebble surfaces, the surface is comfortable to bather's feet.

SGM products include Diamond Brite and River Roc

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