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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q~ How is Diamond Brite different than any other pool finish?

     A: The state-of-the-art polymer modification of Diamond Brite's cement increases hardness, improves bonding, reduces water penetration and resists chemical attack by aggressive water. All this adds up to a beautiful yet durable pool finish.

Q~ How do pavers compare with patterned or stamp concrete?

     A:Patterned concrete pavements are merely slabs of concrete that are embossed with a pattern. Therefore, they are prone to the same problems with freeze/thaw cycles, namely cracking and spalling. Pavers will not crack or spall.

Q~ How often should I check my water?

     A: During the swimming season the water should be tested daily or at least 4 times per week and after every rain for those using chlorine, bromine or a mineral purifier.

Q~ How often should I vacuum my pool?

     A: Vacuuming should be done as often as you like. Normally, once a week is sufficient.

Q~ Your construction crew finished installing steel today and it looks like they forgot to form the steps. Is this correct?

     A: Yes. The steps are formed with gunite.

Q~ My Liner has come out (falling off) of a small section of my pool. Can this be easily fixed?

     A: Most of the time yes. If your liner is not very old and has not shrunk much it can probably be fixed very easily.

Q~ Will a pool increase the value of my home?

     A: Yes. Most studies show that a pool will increase the value of your home anywhere between 7% and 15%. It will also continue to increase in value throughout the years.

Q~I have a small and difficult yard to work with. Can I still have a pool?

     A: Our expert builders can construct quality pools in yards of all shapes and sizes. You'll be surprised by our solutions that can turn your dreams into a reality.

Q~ When it rains my liner seems to float, seems like water rises from under the pool, is this fixable?

       A: Yes, we can install a artesian well under the pool. This will pump out any excess water. You will also have to replace your liner.

Q- I have a lot of rock in my landscape and have been told the only solution is expensive rock removal, is this really the only option?

         A: NO! In most cases rock removal is not the only option. Give us a call for a free consultation and see if incorporating the rock or the placement of the pool can save you thousands.

Q- I'm not really interested in a pool but would love a backyard patio, maybe a outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Can Gibbs Pools help me?

     A: YES! Yes! Yes! Gibbs Pools not only builds beautiful custom pools but also patios, spas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, retaining walls, and even driveways!

Q~ I'm interested in a pool but not ready to begin until maybe a year from know is it to early to call?

     A: NO! Please call as early as possible! This gives more time to decide all the different options you can do, and also we may have our schedule booked up for the near future. The earlier you call the better!

**NOTE** If you have a question of any kind simply send us a message via contact page or just give us a call (423)447-8450.